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Our Pregnancy Bolas

Indonesian jewel, the pregnancy bola is a necklace for pregnant women.

The pendant looks like a bell and emits a chime sound that soothes baby throughout pregnancy as it comes to rest on the mother-to-be's belly thanks to its long cord. It is a pretty jewel to offer to a pregnant woman.

Jewel straight from Indonesia, the pregnancy bola is a jewel designed for women pregnant.

This long cord necklace and its chime pendant is a jewel that we offer to future moms and who will accompany her throughout her pregnancy. 
But what is the meaning of pregnancy bola ?
Recognizable by its pendant containing a soft ball carillon, similar to a sleigh bell, and to its more or less long cord, this pregnancy jewelry is worn by the mother who, when she moves, allows the pendant to roll on her stomach and emit a crystalline noise. Thus, the baby gets used to this little melody. At birth, the pregnancy bola continues to follow baby, accustomed to its noise and soothes it in all circumstances near it.

We tell you more, on our blog in our article dedicated to the pregnancy bola !

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