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Looking for an ankle bracelet that lasts all summer long?
Discover our trendy anklets for women in stainless steel. Be always fashionable, even by the pool or at the sea thanks to our pretty anklets that do not darken when in contact with water.

Queen of summer jewels, the ankle bracelet always imposes itself in the beautiful season!

Inspired by India where anklets are always carried by two, and sign a social and religious affiliation, the ankle bracelet has crossed borders and has been able to seduce both in the city and at the sea! Appeared in the West in particular with the hippie movement in the 1960s, the ankle chain was worn as a sign of rebellion and associated with light girls.
Very popular in summer, the ankle bracelet is very trendy and can be found in all styles and materials; decorated with cowrie shells, macramé, gold or silver stainless steel, brass, silver, beads or charms, sometimes even bells... There is something for all tastes and all styles! To be worn without moderation barefoot, in sandals or in sneakers!

Among our choice of fancy anklets

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