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Our 925 Silver Bracelets & Bangles

Discover our range of bracelets and bangles in 925 Silver.
We offer a range of adjustable bracelets and pretty trendy bangles in 925 Silver and rhodium.
All our silver jewelry is made in a French workshop 🇫🇷 and 80% of the silver used comes from recycling ♻️!

Discover our selection of 925 silver bangles for men and for women. We unearth for you pretty trendy silver bracelets and quality. All our 925 silver bangles are manufactured in French workshops and made from recycled money on a copper base. We select pretty fine silver jewelry as well as beautiful 925 silver bangles for men. All in a chic, oriental and ethnic style while trying to respond to current trends. When stoned, our 925 silver bangles are systematically carried out in silver 925 rhodium.

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