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Our Body Chains

Discover our selection of stainless steel women's body chains.

Key jewel of summer 2022, the waist chain is making a comeback, for an ultra sexy trend!

Browse our lovely collection of gold or silver stainless steel chains that are water resistant and hypoallergenic.

Discover or rediscover the trend waist chain, straight from the 2000s!
The flagship jewel of this 2022 season, the chain of body is making a comeback this summer. An ancestral jewel of West Africa, called "Baya", it delights young girls of the Y2K period, popularized by Beyoncé. Assured enhancement of the hips and feminine curves, this belly jewelry is coming back in droves and stainless steel waist chain comes in all these forms: thin chains, embellished with charms and beads, in gold or silver stainless steel, for hanging out and hanging out by the water. There waist chain can be worn as a swimsuit as well as with low-rise jeans, a croc top or shorts as a jewel accessory to complete an outfit.

This pretty stainless steel body jewelry claims the "body positive" and is also available for pregnant women, with in particular Rihanna, who the day of the announcement of her pregnancy having reached its term, adorned herself with a pretty Chanel chain on her well-rounded belly.  

A hot and sexy trend that heralds a hot summer! And for the more cautious, dare a thin waist chain, type satellite mesh way jewel belt to decline if necessary in long necklace whose long chain would hang along a bare back.


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