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Our Buddhist bangles

Buddhist bracelets, very trendy, come from the temples of Asia where they are blessed by the monks in order to bring luck, love, protection and unity to those who wear them. Filled with a sacred oil and a golden colored powder, these uniquely styled bangles are silent, very light and water resistant.
Traditionally given to family and close friends, these spiritual bracelets symbolize unity and infinite love.

Discover our buddhist bangles ! A real trend coming straight from the temples of Asia, buddhist rushes are flexible rubber bracelets filled with gold leaf and sacred oil. They are made and blessed by Buddhist monks in Asian temples. Silent and light, these pretty flexible gold or silver rods have been very trendy for several seasons already. With or without mantras, braided, thin or thick, the buddhist bracelets also called Kumlai,bangles Or tibetan bangles are now available in many colors.

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