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The bola of what? We tell you everything about this pretty piece of jewelry specially designed for pregnant women!

Discover its meaning, why and how to wear it...

The pregnancy bola, explanations...

✨ What is a pregnancy bola?

What is a pregnancy bola? Indonesian jewelry specially designed for pregnant women, the pregnancy bola is a recognizable necklace thanks to its long cord and its chime pendant, often round or in the shape of a cage which encloses a ball, similar to a bell, and which emits a soft chime.

The ultimate pregnancy jewelry, this long necklace is offered and worn by the mother throughout her pregnancy. So, when she walks or moves, the pendant rolls on her stomach and emits a soft crystalline noise which reassures and soothes the baby in the belly. Once born, the pregnancy bola continues to accompany and soothe baby because he is used to this soft sound that he has always known.

✨ What is the origin of the pregnancy bola?

Pregnancy bolas are jewelry from Indonesia. There, a bola is offered to all women who are expecting a happy event, from the start of their pregnancy, in order to keep their baby away from negative waves. Also used in Mexico and called "the bell of the angels" but also in China and Thailand, the bola is considered a real lucky charm for the mother-to-be. Traditionally, it is often found in silver, mounted on a chain or on a long cord.

✨ What is the meaning of the pregnancy bola?

But what does the pregnancy bola mean? Symbolic jewelry, the "bola" pendant, with its round shape, undeniably represents the round belly of the pregnant woman. Inside, the small chiming ball logically represents the baby. Finally, the sound emitted by the ball represents gentleness and communication between mother and child.

✨ From when and how to wear a pregnancy bola?

The pregnancy bola is worn from 3 months, then throughout the mother's pregnancy. It is from this age that the baby can hear noise. Then, it is at 5 months that he will really appreciate this chime. The ideal length of the bola is on the stomach, close to the navel so that baby can hear the chime. You will find several lengths of chains or cord on the market, depending on your preferences, but above all on your size in order to adjust the size of the cord and thus be able to correctly position the pendant close to the navel. Beyond its function, this pretty pendant highlights the mother's belly.

✨ What is a pregnancy bola used for?

The bola is used to soothe and reassure the baby. Once born, it is advisable to continue using this jewelry since the chime is a sound familiar to the baby. Hanging from the child's cradle or sewn inside his comfort blanket, the chime of the bola will continue to soothe him and remind him of intrauterine comfort and the bond with his mother when he was still in her womb.

✨ When and who should offer a pregnancy bola?

But if you are not the person concerned, who should buy the pregnancy bola?

There are no rules regarding who should offer the pregnancy bola to the mother-to-be. So anyone who feels close enough to her can give it to her. It is a very nice gift idea for a pregnant woman. We often think about giving a birth gift for the baby, so this piece of jewelry is a great opportunity to think of the mother. Special attention that will accompany her throughout her pregnancy.

✨ Which pregnancy bola to choose?

The pregnancy bola has become widely popular. Originally, and if you want to respect tradition, it must be silver, mounted on a chain or on a waxed cotton cord. You will also find pregnancy bolas that open, reminiscent of quidditch in Harry Potter, representing a small cage decorated or not and allowing you to change the little chime inside. There are bolas for all styles and tastes; with rhinestones, colored, silver, brass, stainless steel, colored or patinated... The hardest part is choosing!

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Atypical and original jewelry, it has convinced European women. Seduced by its aesthetics, some women even wear it as a short necklace, putting aside its primary function. Perfect for a bohemian chic style, it would be a shame to wear this jewel only during pregnancy...! Enjoy this pretty jewel and its originality! Fashions change, trends are born and inspired... Wear what you like, however you want! 😉

And you, did you wear a bola during your pregnancy?

Tell me everything in comments... 😊

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