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  • How do you know your ring size?
    Knowing your ring size is not always easy. To find out how to measure your finger circumference, or your partner's ring size - in all discretion! - we have concocted an article for you with some simple tips! 😉 Consult our page: Size guide!
  • What are the payment options available ?
    We accept secure payments via Paypal and Carte Bleue.However, if you wish to pay by check or bank transfer, contact us via the contact form or the following e-mail address:, it should be noted that the processing time of your order will be longer.
  • Are payments secure?
    Yes! You can make your purchases using PayPal, you will be automatically directed to the PayPal site to complete your purchase. Once the payment has been made, you will be redirected to the online store. If you choose to pay by card, SumUp's transaction process ensures that all data is encrypted and transferred to our secure payment server. Additionally, SumUp never stores sensitive data on mobile devices like your smartphone or tablet. Of course we do not store any information about your card. If you encounter a problem for the payment of your order, do not hesitate to contact us via the online chat or by email
  • Where does your silver and gold-plated jewelry come from?
    All our 925 silver and gold-plated jewelry comes from a French workshop 🇨🇵 and hallmarked by the manufacturer. They comply with European REACH regulations and are guaranteed lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium-free. Concerned about social and environmental respect, our partner is a member of the RJC, a recognized commitment in terms of working conditions and sustainable development. More than 80% of the silver and 20% of the gold used for the manufacture of jewelry come from recycling ♻️ in order to limit the impact of production on the natural exploitation of minerals in order to reduce the impact on natural resources. Silver jewelry is made from 925/000 silver (925g of fine silver for 1000g of alloy). The jewels are systematically rhodium-plated (covered with a thin layer of rhodium - a precious metal from the platinum family) by electrolysis in order to preserve them from natural oxidation and to give them a shine similar to white gold.< /p> Gold-plated jewelry is guaranteed for 10 years against any plating defect. The gold plating is made on a lead-free, nickel-free and cadmium-free brass base, which makes it hypoallergenic. The thickness of gold deposited is a minimum of 3 microns for non-jeweled jewellery, and 5 microns for jeweled jewellery. The platings are made with 750/000 (18 carat) gold and the finishing coat is made from 980/000 gold which protects it from natural oxidation.
  • What delivery methods and times are available?
    All your orders are shipped as soon as possible, the same day when possible and depending on the time and date of the order, or the next morning. We offer 3 shipping methods for your orders: - Follow-up Letter Orders sent by letter followed are dispatched in 2 working days, and you can follow the delivery of your package using the tracking number that was sent to you when you placed your order. Delivery by letter followed is free in France! To track an order, go here. - Colissimo Orders sent by Colissimo are sent to your home within 48 hours and without signature. Colissimo delivery is €6 in France and Europe. To track an order, go here. - Chronopost Orders sent by Chronopost are delivered the next day before 1 p.m. The rate for an express delivery shipment is 1 p.m. for France. For this shipping method, please specify a telephone number and the relay point of your choice when ordering, in the "Add a note" section or by email below of your purchase. This information is imperative in order to postage your parcel correctly. Thank you for your understanding. Once your order has been dispatched, we are not responsible for delays and risks associated with transport. All claims related to damage caused by transport must be reported to the latter. Thank you for your understanding.
  • My tracking number is not working, what should I do?
    When a shipment is too recent, there may be a slight delay between the creation or deposit of your shipment and its integration into La Poste's tracking systems. We invite you to try again later. If beyond 48 hours, the message persists, contact La Poste customer service, provided with your tracking number.This may be due to La Poste forgetting to scan the stamp.
  • What is your return policy ?
    Not satisfied with your order? Carefree.You have 14 days from the date of receipt of your order to return your item(s) to us - in their original packaging with all its components -, to the address given when you received your order.The shipping costs for the return are the responsibility of the customer. An exchange (within the limit of available stocks) or a credit note (price of the item excluding postage) will be made.
  • Do you offer gift cards?
    YES! 😍 It is quite possible for you to make a gift card!To do so, go to the page GIFT CARD. Select the amount to gift and make your purchase. Remember to give us the address if you want us to send your Gift Card directly to its recipient. This will then be valid for one year from the date of receipt.An unused gift card that has reached its expiry date is not refundable or exchangeable, thank you for your understanding.
  • What is "rhodium" silver?
    Rhodium-plated 925 silver is all very well, but what exactly is it?"Money is good but it blackens! 😅"It's true, 925 silver darkens over time. But this is not a sign of poor quality! Its blackening is only due to the reactions it has with elements such as: your skin, water, perfumes, creams... It remains however and easily completely cleanable with the help of a chamoisine or good toothpaste!It is to answer the problem of its blackening, that rhodium silver appeared!It is in fact a thin layer of Rhodium - precious metal of the platinum family - which is deposited on a 925 silver jewel. In addition to protecting, it gives it a shine almost comparable to white gold!The Super Positive Point of rhodium silver is that it is hypoallergenic!Indeed, you may have had reactions to 925 silver jewelry because of the copper contained in the alloy. From now on, with rhodium, you will be able to wear silver jewelry again! ​ Result, a piece of 925 RHODIUM-PLATED SILVER jewelry is: PRECIOUS - SHINY - HYPOALLERGENIC! 😍
  • How to clean silver jewelry?
    925 silver is a material that tends to darken and acquire a patina over time, especially if you wear it often. Some are fans of this patina, others like to find the shine of their jewel. Don't panic, this is absolutely not a sign of poor quality!If there are a multitude of tips on the internet, beware of bad gestures which can be fatal for your jewelry! A few simple gestures and everyday products can make your jewelry shine again! ✨ Take special care with your jewels set with stones. At Oh, Deer!, all our jewels are systematically rhodium-plated! ​ - Toothpaste Probably the most famous trick, and very effective! Get a toothbrush and some toothpaste; gently rub your jewel with a little water, rinse, your jewel will regain its shine! - A Chamois A chamoisine is a yellow cloth, very soft, sometimes soaked in a special product to clean silver. Very effective in restoring shine and shine to your jewellery, it is simply a question of rubbing your jewel with this cloth, without the need to rinse. You can get a chamoisine easily on the internet, in a jewelry store, or sometimes even from a cutler. - Baking Soda Dilute a little baking soda in a little water and gently rub your jewel with a SOFT toothbrush (!) - White Vinegar Let your jewelry soak in a glass of white vinegar for a good 2 hours without diluting it, then dry it by rubbing it gently with a soft cloth or chamois leather. ​ To enjoy your jewels for as long as possible, whether they are in Silver, Gold Plated or even Stainless Steel, we advise you to remove them before coming into contact with water. It is strongly advised not to wear your jewelry while cleaning! Household products contain chemicals that could seriously damage your jewelry...
  • How do I know when a product will be back in stock?
    If a product is no longer in stock, you can be notified by email using the "Be alerted when back in stock" button.Unfortunately, sometimes certain articles are not renewed. Some of our collections - particularly with regard to stainless steel - are not intended to be sold in large quantities. We favor choice over quantity, which allows us to offer you a wide and varied choice. We depend on the stocks of our suppliers, they do not always have the necessary stock to allow us to restock, and they too sometimes stop the production of certain models. However, when we can - especially on the silver and gold-plated collections - we try to mention an "END OF SERIES" banner on the items that we will not be able to renew because their production has been stopped by our suppliers. In this case, these are our latest items available for sale.
  • Another question ?
    For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us via the online chat or by email ohdeerbijoux@hotmail.comWe will be happy to answer you and help you. 😊
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